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Credits & Pricing


Credits are ImageRstock's currency. All image prices on imageRstock are indicated in Credits.


Starting at 2 € our Credit bundles are designed for all types of projects! Thanks to our bulk purchasing discounts the more Credits you buy, the more money you save!


Download the images, vectors and video clips you need with credits - buy more, save more. Your credits never expire at imageRstock.



1 Credit 2.00 EUR   (2.00EUR/credit)
3 Credits 4.00 EUR   (1.33EUR/credit)
5 Credits 6.00 EUR   (1.20EUR/credit)
10 Credits 12.00 EUR   (1.20EUR/credit)
20 Credits 21.00 EUR   (1.05EUR/credit)
60 Credits 60.00 EUR   (1.00EUR/credit)
150 Credits 147.00 EUR   (0.98EUR/credit)
230 Credits 223.00 EUR   (0.97EUR/credit)
470 Credits 455.00 EUR   (0.97EUR/credit)
950 Credits 890.00 EUR   (0.94EUR/credit)
1850 Credits 1650.00 EUR   (0.89EUR/credit)
2950 Credits 2600.00 EUR   (0.88EUR/credit)


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